Why being an Aveda Concept Salon is about more than hocking spectacularly scented lotions and potions.

The products are amazing. In addition to smelling like heaven making them an absolute pleasure to use, they work. If you use them- you know, if you don’t-, try some. But Heather Nielsen’s decision to build her business as an Aveda Concept Salon was rooted in something much deeper.

“I completely believe in Aveda’s products, their way of doing business and all they do on a consistent basis to improve life on this planet.”

Heather’s training as a stylist was at the Original Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, MN. It was there that she learned about Aveda’s philosophy, adopted from the Ancient Indian Healing tradition, Ayurveda, that individual beauty is directly linked to the beauty of the world around us. Aveda means, “Knowledge of the whole.” That philosophy drives every aspect of the company from product efficacy to business practices that are both environmentally safe and socially responsible.

Aveda produces high performance, botanically-based products. They are sourced in ways that are kind to the planet. And where the naturally-derived ingredients are responsible for the fragrance we adore, it’s how Aveda protects the land in which the ingredients are grown, how they successfully develop the economies of their growers’ regions, and how they employ innovation to discover safer, naturally derived alternatives to harmful ingredients used by the standard market that inspired Heather to build her business as a partner.

Shear Renewal clients are smart and perhaps more brand conscious than they’ve ever been. They expect their products to work, but they’re also looking for brand attributes like positive environmental impact, responsible sourcing, and the development of employees and partners.
“I believe in the formulas and techniques we use, I believe in the methods used to produce them and I’m proud to partner with this globally-conscious brand our clients can feel good about enjoying,” explained Heather. The foundation of our mission at Shear Renewal is to build positive relationships with our guests and within our community. This is very much in line with Aveda’s mission to take care of the world we live in. The part we most enjoy is providing hair and skin care services in a lavish relaxing environment with special attention paid to each guest’s individual needs. Come see us soon: Click here to book your appointment